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Rent Silent Disco Headphones in Valencia and create your own Silent Disco party!

Rent Silent Disco Headphones in Valencia and create your own Silent Disco party!

Rent Silent Disco Headphones in Valencia!

What can you do with the Silent Disco headphones?

  • Throw a house party without disturbing your neighbors.
  • Party on the beach with friends while watching sunset.
  • Create a Silent Disco stage on a party or festival.
  • Give city tours or sports classes an extra dimension.
  • Make your Friday afternoon drink with colleagues crazy fun.

And so much more!

Why is Silent Disco so popular?

  • You don’t disturb other people with loud music.
  • You can have multiple music channels. Therefore, people decide what they want to listen.
  • People feel more free with Silent Disco headphones. So expect more dancing and sing alongs!
  • You can have your party everywhere!

What is Silent Disco?

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Silent Cinema

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Sports classes

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Silent Disco

Create your own Silent Disco event!

For small or big groups, inside or outside!

How Does it Work?

Wireless headphones

When you rent Silent Disco Valencia headphones, you will receive wireless headphones and a transmitter. The headphones have 3 channels with 3 different colors (red, blue and green). On the other hand, you can create 1 music channel with every transmitter.

You can choose the amount of headphones and transmitters yourself. Also see our prices.


It’s all plug-and-play. Therefore, it’s very easy to set up. Firstly, you plug the transmitter in the socket. Secondly, connect the transmitter to your mobile phone (or DJ booth). Woop, woop! You are ready to go!

However, sometimes you want to throw a Silent Disco party outside. For this we offer rechargeable, wireless transmitters. Problem solved!

Highest quality

Both the Silent Disco Valencia headphones and transmitters are of the highest quality. The headphones are super comfortable. Furthermore, they have a range up to 300 metres. Also, the volume can be adjusted individually. Most importantly, the quality of the sound is awesome!

It’s your choice to hire a DJ or play your own funky playlist Spotify playlist on your mobile phone.

No inspiration? On Spotify we have created several playlists to get your party started! Take a look on our Spotify account for the playlists.

Would you like to order headphones or do you have more questions?
Then check our FAQ or just contact us!


* All mentioned prices are inclusive of VAT

Headphones Silent Disco Valencia

You can rent Silent Disco headphones in Valencia for € 5,00 per day.
However, the minimum order amount is € 60,00.

Update: we temporarily have lowered the minimum order amount to € 30,00 per day!

Do you need a large amount? Please contact us to discuss your wishes.

Transmitters Silent Disco Valencia

With one transmitter you can create one music channel. You have to connect every transmitter to a different music device, for example, your mobile phone. You can choose between a normal transmitter (for indoor use) and a wireless transmitter (for outdoor use).

We give you 1 transmitter for free. However, you can add  extra transmitters for € 20,00 each.

Last-minute request are possible: we are very flexible. In other words, everything is possible!

"The Silent Disco headphones were great to have a small party in the park!"

Testimonial Silent Disco Valencia

"I didn't expect it would be so much fun! We were dancing and singing along all the time!"

Testimonial Silent Disco Valencia

About us

Back in 2019, I moved from Amsterdam to sunny Valencia. Silent Disco had gained a lot of popularity in the Netherlands already, but it turned out Silent Disco was still quite unknown here. With Silent Disco Valencia there now is the possibility for everyone to enjoy the fun and special vibe that comes with Silent Disco. I love seeing the smile on people’s faces when enjoying the Silent Disco experience.

My goal is to offer the best service possible and to make sure people have a good time. That’s why I love to think along with you. Do you want to use the headphones for a yoga class in the park or to give your Friday drinks at the office a special touch? Are you a group of friends or organising a big event? I will make it happen!

Un abrazo,


Silent Disco Valencia

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