General Terms & Conditions

The pick-up and return location in Valencia is: 
Carrer de Julio Antonio 22-11
46007 Valencia

In short

We don’t want to make it complicated: renting our equipment is nothing exciting. If you return the equipment complete and undamaged, on the agreed time and date, all is perfectly fine! 

Of course it can happen that a headphone or transmitter gets damaged. If this happens, we need to charge € 50,00 per headphone and € 250,00 per transmitter (if it’s damaged unrepairable). If the damaged equipment can be repaired still, we will charge you the repair costs.

All our prices are per day and inclusive VAT, unless stated otherwise.

The full version of our terms and conditions can be read below.

Full version general terms & conditions 

You (The Customer) are entering into an agreement with us (Silent Disco Valencia; the company). These are our terms and conditions of hire that you are agreeing to by using our services. They set out what you can expect from Silent Disco Valencia, and what is expected from you.

These general terms and conditions are applicable on all communication of Silent Disco Valencia, such as price quotations, invoices, rental agreements. 

Silent Disco Valencia can change the terms at any time. Evidently, these changes don’t apply on agreements which have been concluded already.



  1. It’s possible to change or cancel your order. If cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the pick-up time, a cancellation fee of 100% applies. In case the equipment needs to be shipped, 2 working days will be added to this cancellation period.
  2. In all cases in which you wish to make use of a revocation, you must make this known in writing by e-mail to
  3. Silent Disco Valencia will always do everything reasonably possible to honour your booking. In the unlikely event we have to cancel or vary your booking, howsoever caused, the maximum liability of Silent Disco Valencia will be the return of any fees paid in lieu of unused equipment.


  1. In general full payment needs to be done in advance, unless agreed otherwise.
  2. In case invoicing takes place afterwards, we work with a payment period of 14 days, unless agreed otherwise.
  3. We charge a deposit which depends on the total amount to be paid for the rented equipment. The minimum deposit is € 50,00. 
  4. The deposit will be refunded within 5 working days, after the returned equipment has been checked and approved by Silent Disco Valencia.
  5. All our prices are per day and inclusive VAT, unless stated otherwise.


  1. You have to treat the equipment well and return it in the condition as provided.
  2. You have to store the equipment securely, and be responsible for it and the way it is used until the equipment is returned.
  3. We expect you to check the rented equipment after receipt, whether it’s complete and is functioning properly. When something is missing or not working properly, you should let us know immediately by phone or email ( This way we can work towards a solution.
  4. It’s not allowed to carry out any repairs yourself or make any adjustments on the rented equipment. All costs for cleaning, replacement, damage etc. related to this, will be recovered from you.
  5. If any headphones or other equipment are missing or severely damaged (unrepairable) you agree to pay us the replacement costs at the following rates:
    – Headphones: € 50,00
    – Transmitters: € 250,00
    Any other missing or damaged equipment, will be charged at standard new RRP for the same or equivalent replacement.
  6. If the damaged equipment can be repaired still, we will charge you the repair costs.
  7. Apart from replacement or repair costs, we can charge you 50% of the daily rental price for each extra day needed for repair or replacement.

In case of shipment

You are advised to ensure the equipment is properly packaged and sealed prior to the return shipment.

Pick-up and Collection

  1. Being on time for the arranged pick-up date and time is the customers responsibility. The rental price is at all times due for the rental period agreed in writing.
  2. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that headphones are returned or return shipped as agreed and scheduled, even if to be collected from a third party (for example left in venue).
  3. An additional day’s hire charge will be applied for every day that returnment is delayed as a result of missed collection.


It’s not allowed to sublet, pledge or sell the rented equipment of Silent Disco Valencia. 

Shipment of equipment

When the equipment will be shipped, Silent Disco Valencia will always send the equipment by registered mail, with an insured amount which will at least cover the worth of the equipment. The return shipping needs be done by registered mail as well with the same insured amount. In case the equipment is not returned by registered mail, possible damage or loss will be recovered from you.

Your obligations and conduct

  1. You agree to provide accurate, current, and complete information about you as may be prompted by a rental agreement form on the website of Silent Disco Valencia.
  2. In case of any suspicion of abuse during the rental period, Silent Disco Valencia has the right to cancel the rental agreement immediately and take back the equipment without restitution of the rental price. 

Confidentiality of information

We expect that all provided information, offers and agreements will be handled as confidential and can’t be shared with third parties. 

Privacy Policy

You consent to the collection, processing and storage by Silent Disco Valencia of your personal information in accordance with the terms of Silent Disco Valencia Privacy Policy, which is available here. You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and the terms of Silent Disco Valencia Privacy Policy, with respect to any access, use and/or submission by you of any personal information in connection with this website.

Intellectual property

  1. Silent Disco Valencia may take photos and videos on the events of the customer for promotional material such as flyers, posters and images for the website, unless the customer explicitly requested not to do so.
  2. Silent Disco Valencia owns all intellectual property of all photos and videos mentioned in the first paragraph of this article.
  3. Silent Disco Valencia also owns all intellectual property of everything which is published on her website.


This contract is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of The Netherlands. All parties agree that matters will be resolved under Dutch law and by Dutch courts, unless the customer is living in another country than The Netherlands. In case of the latter, the European purchase agreement will apply.