Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about renting headphones at Silent Disco Valencia.

If you can’t find your question, just send us a message on Whatsapp or through the contact form.

Silent Disco is basically a normal disco, but without loud music coming from the speakers. All participants can put on a Silent Disco headphone and listen to the same music. It's possible to create multiple channels (up to 3), so everyone can choose individually which music they would like to listen to.

For a Silent Disco you need the Silent Disco headphones and at least one transmitter. You can connect transmitter to the music, which sends a signal to the wireless headphones which work on a battery.

You take care of the music yourself. Every transmitter needs to be connected to a separate device, such as a mobile phone or laptop. This can be up to three DJ's, Spotify lists or lecturers for example. If you’re stuck, we can give you advice about good Spotify playlists! Or take a look at the Silent Disco Valencia Spotify playlists!

You can use the Silent Disco headphones for an unlimited kind of things. But they are mainly used for (house) parties, festivals, conferences, sport lessons, yoga lessons or outdoor cinemas. Furthermore, you can think about city walks, boat tours or other activities for which you want to limit the noise disturbance with big groups.

Yes sure! In that case we will give you the chargers for the headphones as well, so you can charge them yourself if needed.

If you need the headphones for multiple days, please let us know in your request.

For sure! We will send the equipment to you in a package by mail with a return label. After completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation from us with the expected delivery date and time. The return label you can use to send back the equipment.

The headphones work on a rechargeable battery. They work between 8-10 hours. Multi-chargers will be provided as well, in case it's needed to charge them again.

Very simple! You turn on the transmitter(s) and choose the channel (1, 2 or 3). Then you turn on the headphones and choose the same channel on your headphone. That's it and you are ready to party!

Absolutely, but you need extra transmitters for this. Our headphones can have up to max 3 channels. For this you can turn on three different transmitters, connected with three different music sources. Everyone can choose the channel he/she wants to listen to on his/her own headphone. Each channel has its own color: red, blue or green.

We offer two different transmitters: a transmitter on electricity (most suitable for DJ/festivals) and a wireless transmitter.

With all the wired transmitters, we provide a standard 3.5mm headphone jack cable which you can easily plugin into your phone, laptop or iPad. Choose your playlist, hit play and turn it up (your device should normally be at 70-100% of full volume for optimum results).

If you have a more recent Apple or Android device without a headphone jack, you may require an adaptor to connect your phone to the transmitter. These adaptors are usually provided in your original phone packaging or are available cheaply online. Please note, we do not supply these adaptors directly.

Our wireless transmitters can simply be connected with Bluetooth or with AUX.

No, not really! All the headphones work on a rechargeable battery which longs for 8-10 hours.

If your location doesn't offer main power electricity, we offer wireless transmitters as well. Just let us know in advance if you need a wireless transmitter.

We always try to make sure your equipment arrives intact. But, if something does arrive broken, please contact us straight away! Send us a message on Whatsapp or drop us an email at

For small damages which can be fixed, we will charge a small repair compensation. In case of loss or irreparable damage, we unfortunately have to charge € 50,00 per headphone. Also see our general terms and conditions for more information about this.

For sure, everything is possible at Silent Disco Valencia! Just contact us to discuss all your plans.

With our wireless transmitter we can provide a mini microphone, for example for conferences or city tours. However, these can't be used for parties. If you need a microphone for a MC, you will need to connect a microphone to a DJ mixer. Just ask us for the options.

September from Earth, Wind & Fire is for sure a great party starter! But we also believe Around my Dream from Silver Pozzoli works with every kind of party. Take also a look at our Spotify playlists!